So it’s been three months since I’ve started my job. Where has the time gone? It feels like I just started yesterday. I really like it, even though it can be stressful sometimes. It’s the broadcasting/news/media industry, so it’s expected.

For those of you who don’t know what I do, I am a production assistant for a local TV station. Basically, I work behind the cameras during the newscasts and lottery tapings. I also operate the prompter and audio board (lottery only). I’m still training on audio for the newscasts.

In addition to being a production assistant, I am the “web producer” on Saturdays (or whenever they need someone to fill in.) Basically, I take the stories from the newscasts and post them on the web, which involves cutting video and making the scripts more “web friendly.” Sometimes, I copy verbatim from the scripts if I can’t find any additional information, but I always try to look up more information and add things that weren’t in the script. I also update reporters’ scripts if there’s any information that needs to be added. Then, I take the stories I’ve posted and post them to the station’s Twitter feed.

Click here to see what I’ve posted.

*Side note: I love doing the web stuff.*


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