7/19/12 Social Media Event

This week, I went to a social media event sponsored by the Social Media Club of Richmond.  They talked about reasons to blog and that blogging is on its way out, in which I kinda agree with.  These days, people use Facebook and Twitter to instantly connect with others.

Also at the event, a group of girls from RichmondMom.com described their road trip to SXSW in Austin this past March.  Chevy was trying to think of ways to brand itself, so they reached out to teams, like the girls from RichmondMom, all across the country and asked them to drive to Austin using Chevy’s cars.  Chevy’s goal was to take people who normally wouldn’t drive their cars and put them in it.

Chevy wanted the groups to tweet about their journey and how they liked their cars.  The Richmond Mom group had another mission while on their road trip.  Their goal was to visit local classrooms along the way and raise money for the schools.  They did that by using PR and social media. They even got onto the local news in Alabama because of their PR and networking skills.

This social media campaign was a smart move on Chevy’s part because this allowed them to interact with their fanbase and gain new fans for their products.

It was a really good event, and it was interesting to see how big companies, like Chevy, come up social media campaigns.